About me

Media, arts, fashion, pop culture. The politics of everyday life. It’s probabilleigh here.

Media & arts addict. No – seriously! Avid reader, sporadic writer, wine admirer, sports tragic (Qld Reds, Essendon, Wests Tigers & Chelsea if you’re asking), and just a bit of a fash-aholic.

I’m a marcomms bod by trade, returned to Brisbane in 2011 after the better part of a decade in Sydney. Currently working in professional services marcomms but have done time with corporates, not-for-profit and the public sector. They’re each as odd as the other.

Billeigh is a nickname, courtesy of my sister. With the spelling of so many names bastardised now, it could be confused with a real name. Not in my case. It’s better than the name my parents gave me though – not least because it’s mine.

Probabilleigh is a bit of an experiment. Not being scientifically minded, results could be unpredictable.

I’d love to hear from you.

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