Five fave fictional leaders

After my post on fictional vs. real politicans, I got to thinking about my favourite fictional leaders.

Note: I said favourite – not ‘best’ or ‘greatest’. Not all on my list are great leaders, or inspiring…or even nice. Some I love because they aren’t any of those things.

So my five may have been different on a different day, but I’m pickin’ and stickin’. The one thing they do have in common is they are fictional within my lifetime.

5. David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert): 24
Chronologically speaking, I think we only saw two days of his presidency, so the fact he made the list says something. Probably the most real of all the fictional leaders on my list, he was shown as flawed and his family as f***ed up. A hell of a negotiator, he had a statesmanlike quality, and refused to order military strikes without evidence – despite his entire cabinet in his face about it. Oh, and he let Jack Bauer just go ahead and be his badass self. Not bad for two days work.

4. Dave Kovic (Kevin Kline): Dave.
A stand-up guy. A phrase too often used about people who don’t deserve the honour. Dave deserves it. Honest and sweet, if nothing else he warrants a nod just for the way he reworks a budget to find $650 million for the homeless. Campbell Newman might like to give him a call.

3. Mayor Richard Wilkins
 (Harry Groener): Buffy
Aside from the obvious extra chuckle the Mayor’s name provides Australian fans, this dude’s a hoot! One part homespun homilies, two parts Dad jokes, and 100% giant psycho snake demon, there’s sufficient fun for everyone. Thanks for the giggles Dick. Fire bad, tree pretty.

2. Prime Minister Jim Hacker (Paul Eddington): Yes, Prime Minister.
OK, Sir Humphrey was the master manipulator here and, as with West Wing, brilliant writing helps no end. But I’ve much love for the PM, who wasn’t nearly as daft and inept as he appeared. Trust.
Plus…beyond hilarious!

1. President Josiah Bartlet (Martin Sheen): West Wing.

The one, the only, the totes awesome (except for that ugly Shareef business) Jed Bartlet. Idealistic, intelligent, funny and flawed, there are so many reasons why he’s number one. But any President who invokes the 25th, handing over power to the other side because it’s in the best interests of protecting both his family and the country gets my vote.

The clip above covers everything  to love about him – family, funny, frantic and freakishly smart in debate. The way he totally pwns Governor Ritchie is epic. I serve at the pleasure of the President.

Agree? Violently oppose? What other fictional leaders – literary, film or TV – make your list? Shout out below.

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